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Change Log #11

* Sympathy Charm effects have been increased
* Goliath Defence has been increased
* Catapult Defence has been increased
* Increased T2 Staff force attack
* Increased the amount of MAU Blessing dropped by the Stocker Lava
* Added bonus HP to Coras Brothers set bonuses in line with Bellato
* Reduced all races Melee Dragon Armour move speed in line with Force and Range DA move speed.
* Carried out a Maintenance on the server

The server is back up!

by Prometheus at September 21, 2017, 9:01 pm

Change Log #10

*Increased Catapult defence significantly
*Decreased Goliath attack slightly

The server is back up!

by Prometheus at July 26, 2017, 9:20 pm

Change Log #9 Maintenance and Fixes

* Added recipe for unsealing Sealed Inferno
* Added the T2 combination recipe for Inferno T1 to Revanthane T2
* Adjusted Gold Pig drop rate slightly
* Fixed +1, +2 and +4 ore processing

The server is back up!

by Prometheus at July 20, 2017, 9:28 pm

Change Log #9

* Edited server rule number 8 to include Traps
* Removed Movement Speed+ Potion from the online reward box
* Removed Symbol of Novus Amulet from the online reward box
* Removed all class promotion rewards
* Reduced Melee archon armour move speed to +1 down from +2
* Reduced the chance to recieve Valuable Rune Stone from processing +3 ore
* Fixed 1 hand Relic Mace damage
* Fixed Belphegor respawn timer
* Updated the tooltip description of the 5 Donation Point item from the online reward box to inform players to vote once to enable the pots use
* Increased the drop rate of the Silver pig statue from the Naroom Crawler Captain
* Increased the drop rate of the Gold pig statue from the Kukra Vafer Captain
* Increased chip HP by 20%
* Removed an un-neccessary Ability Booster Recipe
* Returned the following Relic launchers to the game - Sealed Inferno, Inferno T1, Revanthane T2
* Increased Goliath and Catapult Defence slightly
* Reduced the Cast Delay of Cora Archer Hold skill
* Reduced DSR on certain armours

by Prometheus at July 19, 2017, 11:13 pm


Before we begin with the HOW TO instructions. This is ONLY for the transfer of your Character from the CURRENT database to the NEW database. It does not include transfers from the old old Database, those are still done separately.

So, here is what you need to do and you need to follow it exactly. Any tickets that are not 1:1 as instructed here will be trashed without reply!

1. Launch the Game, log in with the account you had your Character on and make a new one with the EXACT same NAME and RACE as before.
2. Log the Character in once and go though all the intro parts, and accept all dialogs, then quit out of the game.
3. Go to support.rfequilibrium.com
4. Log in with your Game Account
5. Click on "Submit a Ticket"
6. From the 2 options select "Character Transfer"
7. Enter the "Original Character Name" (must match the New Character Name exactly)
8. Enter the "New Character Name" (must match the Original Character Name exactly and must be on the same account as the Original Character)
9. In the Subject box write the Following "Character Transfer Request"
10. In the Message box write "I would like to request my Character to be Transferred"

11. Sit back and wait, all transfer request should be auctioned within 24 hours. We have a great script that automatically transfers everything, so the transfer takes less than 60 seconds. The only reason why it would take up to 24 hours is because I have a real job beside this server and that takes priority in my life.

[size=150:2yg34ivk]DO NOT LOG IN UNTIL YOU HAVE A REPLY FROM US SAYING "DONE"[/size:2yg34ivk]


As mentioned before, the following will not be transferred:

* BANK content
* Dalant/Disena/CP
* Gold
* Gold Points
* PvP Points
* Certain Points
* Guilds
* Potion Expansion Capsule effect
* Bank expansion effect (extra pages in players bank)

We are not punishing you by not being able to transfer everything, it's just not possible. We did our best to resolve this issue, and this is the only way and I wanna thank all my staff in working with me on making even this possible. Most other server would have prolly wiped or closed.
As a little bonus, your 5 free class changes should now all be reset to 5 again. We will also have some mini events and reward PBs as compensation.

See you all on the other side. Once this is done and the server is back to full strength we will open this same script to offer transfers from the OLD OLD Database before this current one. For a fee obviously, but it's there if anyone wants to use it.

Thanks for sticking with us through this horrible issue.

by Judge at July 3, 2017, 7:18 am

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